How the HP Spectre X360 13 Makes A Strong Case for User Privacy and Security

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Privacy concerns have become a big thing for users in recent years. This is not illogical, seeing as there is almost a data breach happening every minute of the day.

With the cost of data breaches soaring through the roof, it becomes important for users to start taking things into their own hands when it comes to data security and safety, rather than trusting it to the companies.

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Speaking of companies, they are not as clean as they should be. With many of them practically living off data to stay alive, there is almost nowhere to turn for the end-user. Google ‘Google’ if you don’t believe us.

Sadly, they are not the only ones to be scared of. While these companies still have to operate within the confines of some law, hackers and scammers don’t. Should user data get into their hands, there is no telling what they can do with that.

Thus, this is a great time for HP to launch their new Spectre x360 13 unit.
If you are expecting to get a full rundown of the specs and features of this unit, this is not the right post for you. You can check the official HP website to get all of that information.

While the Spectre x360 13 does come with specs that will make your mouth water, though, we are more interested in the privacy aspect.

For one, users have been sceptical about leaving their webcam ports open for a long time now. It is no longer news that even when you are not actively using your webcam, it can be remotely accessed and hacked to spy on you. HP recognizes this issue, and they plug it by offering a Webcam Kill Switch with their latest release.

Even when you are not using the webcam, this physical kill switch button makes it possible to electrically disconnect the webcam from the motherboard. That makes it such that the system does not even recognize the presence of a webcam until the switch is toggled again – making it impossible for outside access.

Besides, they also offer a LED button for turning off the microphone. With numerous reports of even smart home assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa being used to listen in on intimate conversations, it is not surprising that laptop microphone units can also be commandeered in such a way.
Now that there is yet another physical button for that, users can rest easy.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is with the VPN that comes pre-installed on the laptop. Computer manufacturers have been known to offer free trial packages for antivirus software out of the box, but the inclusion of a VPN is relatively new. This shows how much VPNs are now rated to contribute to user privacy and security.

Now that HP has partnered up with ExpressVPN to make this happen, users of the Spectre x360 13 can expect protection against public Wi-Fi-related attacks, browse with secure and encrypted networks, and much more.
Beyond every other thing, this is one of the laptops to consider if you are truly concerned about your privacy and security

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