SAP Hana is the best In-Memory Application platform

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SAP HANA is the most recent SAP ERP solution. It is a product of SAP SE. SAP HANA is an in-memory database and application, which is deployable on premise or can be deployed in the cloud as Database as a Service. The applications built with SAP HANA run at a never before speed and provide data which can be easily modified. SAP HANA is an amalgam of various components. It is a revolutionary data-platform in terms of its functionality as it is the most suitable platform for the performance of most advanced data analytics like predictive analytics, processing of graph data, searching of text and many more. It functions as a database server, which manages the data according to the applications' need. It creates web applications and provides a server environment to run them thereby acting as an application server.

SAP HANA is divided into SAP HANA database and SAP HANA platform. SAP HANA database is an in-memory database, which is unique. Row store and column store database tables are present in the SAP HANA database. SAP HANA is a platform-as-a-service, which provides advanced business solutions. SAP HANA platform performs different types of analytics like predictive analytics; spatial analytics etc. Various kinds of SAP HANA Editions are SAP HANA Platform Edition, SAP HANA Enterprise Edition and SAP HANA Extended Edition. SAP Business Objects Cloud which is deployed on SAP HANA platform edition, combines all Analytics' functionalities into a single product. SAP Business Objects Cloud succeeds in dealing with data silos and point solutions by providing access to analytics throughout the enterprise by means of public cloud, which is trustable.

The unique features of SAP HANA make it a superior business solution to others. SAP HANA platform and database can be positioned on the cloud environment. Accessing of various types of data (structured and un-structured) by SAP HANA makes it manage the data more efficiently than other business solutions. It is embedded with an in-memory technology, which provides high speed while processing bulk data and at the same time can handle high workloads. Data reporting is done in real-time while using SAP HANA. Besides providing real-time and high-speed data, it reduces the effort while aggregating, mapping and indexing of data. SAP HANA is cost-efficient when compared with other business solutions. SAP HANA is a combination of software and hardware and is supported by different software and hardware providers. So, based on the need, best possible option can be chosen by the user. Mindmajix SAP Hana Training covers all the features of SAP Hana.

SAP HANA processes are deployed on the SUSE Linux server, which is a Linux OS, developed by SUSE. The main functionality of SUSE Linux server is that it reserves memory to all the processes like static data, program stack based on instructions from the server. SAP HANA maintains memory pool for maintaining the data regarding consumption of memory. Memory pool contains all the components essential for the efficient database management. The memory pool provides the extra memory required for table increment.

For a business to enhance its growth, the business solutions provided for it must be and highly accurate and at the same time extremely fast. This can be achieved by using SAP HANA, which provides advanced analytics and enable the employees, customers to access the data more efficiently. SAP HANA is primarily used for enhancing our business by introducing advanced analytics into our business solutions and thereby efficiently managing our data to build advanced models in analytics to deploy in our business solutions for different kinds of applications.

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