Robot Kit For Kids – Ingenious Machines Remote Control Toy Building Kit

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Construction toy

build your own robot

Buy this handheld remote control toy building kit and unleash your child’s creativity. Provides kids confidence into their achievement. This robot toy kit for youngsters contains 237 construction pieces and a handheld control. Comes with a bundle of fun!

The building set included an individual manual has easy to understand instructions with diagrams of how to create the 4 robots / machines. Kids love messing around with this construction toy all day on end (no soldering required).

Each construction toy model takes from between 35 minutes to a number exceeding 2 hours to develop, this will keep the cleverest Children occupied and focussed. After gaining experience kids might try to make their own machines.

Construction kit

After assembling each model, their creation can come to life with the included handheld control. All parts are constructed from safe, non-toxic materials: Certified for that Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and HR4040.

This toy as awesome educational value, improving patience, concentration kit and cognitive skills. Improves kid’s minds when they are having fun, makes this of the best gifts you'll be able to give any child.

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