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Do you currently have a Windows based operating system? Are you using an internet protection suite to ward off malware attacks? If the answer to the second question is no then you need get yourself a malware protection suite as soon as possible.  Most people think that malware and virus infections will never infect their systems, but the reality is that given the amount of time we spend on the internet today, our systems will always be vulnerable to these such attacks. The best form of defense against malware is daily scanning with an up to date internet security software and making sure your activities online are safe.

Let’s discuss some tips on how to prevent your system from getting infected with malware:

1.Use internet security software on your computer system
2.Update and scan your computer daily with your antivirus or security suite
3.Scan everything that you download from the internet with your antivirus before installing it.
4.Avoid opening email attachments from unknown or malicious sources. Once again, scan before opening the attachment.
5.Be careful about which website you decide to navigate to on the world wide web
6.If you experience pop ups or fake system alert advertisements while you are surfing, do not click on any of them as this could trigger malware installations.

Using a malware removal program with built in live protection and constant updates is critical to ensure that your system is provided with the correct level of safeguarding against internet threats. Most people prefer to use free internet security and antivirus software from the web but it’s widely known that most free tools are either fake, rogue or offer little benefit to a computer in terms of protection against threats. Rather be prepared to spend a few dollars on a high quality suite that offers the ability to defend against multiple threats and has solid reviews online. At you can read a review of a powerful malware removal application that can help you to defend your computer system against many types of malware.

The World Wide Web is growing larger every day, with more websites, file downloads and malware threats than ever before. By following the simple steps outlined above you can help to dramatically reduce the amounts of infections that your computer system could get hit with. Do more research to find out about different types of malware to see their dangers and what they can do to your system to realize just why internet security is so important?

by Ashwin Singh

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