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SEO is huge Bussiness and growing very fast day by day. If you are running SEO campaign, then site auditing becomes a critical step for you. There are many site auditing tools that you can use. Some of them are free, and some are Paid. Both tools provide a good amount of data.

But a big issue of these tools is that they just provide SEO related data. Most of them offer DA, PA, Page rank and other SEO related matrices. Most of them lack about User Interface of the site. This is one of the big parts of the site, and it is crucial in SEO 2016. Google likes sites with good user interface.

After some research and trying some tools, I found is one of the best SEO Auditor tools. This tool gives all the info about a site from user experience to SEO metrics.

seo auditor

Best Useful Features of

Traffic Details about any site. can tell you the traffic details of any site. This data is not exact, but it gives rough data about the site. So, If you are checking any Niche where you want to work, or you want traffic details of your Competitors. This tool is very helpful in this case. If you want to know the Traffic details of your Clients site, then it can help you.

Readability analysis

Readability is a crucial factor of On page SEO in 2016. If you have a bad Readability score, then it is tough for you to rank. Analyze your site and make proper changes. 

These are two important tools of this site but there many other useful tools on this site. This site personally helped me a lot to increase traffic of my blogs and sites,
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