How Safe Are Hoverboards?

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There has been a huge amount in the news about hoverboards and their potential hazards, and not for the reasons that you might think. Videos showing boards that have burst into flames, apparently of their own accord, have been popping up on the internet causing concerns about just how safe hoverboards really are. So what is the cause of these problems and should all hoverboards be avoided at all costs? Here we take a look at hoverboard safety in more detail.

The cause of the problem

Hoverboards are powered by lithium ion batteries that need to be charged in order for them to work. Some manufacturers use poor quality batteries that short circuit and catch fire if they are overcharged. The short circuit is caused by a defect in the mechanism that would normally stop the charging process once the battery is back to full capacity. The battery then overheats to the point that the lithium in the battery ignites, causing the board to burst in to flames. Here is a great article on Kodi.

Are all hoverboards dangerous?

Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers that take money saving shortcuts which result in defective goods. However, not every manufacturer works in the same way, so only hoverboards that have been made by poor quality manufacturers are unsafe. There are plenty of boards that have been built to the highest standards, so if you buy hoverboards from a reputable company, you limit the risk of buying a defective item.

How do I know which hoverboards are safe?

The only way to ensure that you are buying a hoverboard that is completely safe is to go through a company that refuses to deal with poor quality manufacturers., does not use any manufacturer that doesn’t meet their high standards, so we have complete confidence in hoverboards for sale .
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