Las Vegas Web Design: Coloring your Website SEO

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Search engine optimization is one of the most important things that you can do for your online business. Becoming as visible on the web should be on the top of your checklist. Although web optimization may seem difficult when first starting out, if you relate it to normal life it can be very easy. Doing the correct research is the first step where to start,but the most important part of SEO depends on you. Ask yourself what your business is about and just say it out loud. Record yourself and see what comes out of your mouth. At times, when we write we tend to think a bit differently and things may sound more natural when said out loud. Here are some easy tips below by LV MTJA 24 a las vegas web design agency on how to ‘Color your Website with SEO’

Color SEO Tip 1-  Avoid Multiple H1 and H2 Tags

Color SEO Tip 2- Using Colors/Italics/Bold when writing a blog post to make the article unique

Color SEO Tip 3- Avoid using too many javascript files

Color SEO Tip 4- Focus on 1 Topic you want to rank in

Color SEO Tip 5- Resize the oversized images

Color SEO Tip 6- Avoid heavy gradient background that may flood your css

Color SEO Tip 7- Don’t cram in too many keywords in your main index file

Color SEO Tip 8 - Keep it clean and simple!

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