Using Twitter as a Customer Service Channel

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Social media services are increasing with their usage in business and other related purposes. This platform is now dominating most of the customer service domain nowadays as it serves as an ideal channel for a real-time service to the customers. But not all the social media channels are great in doing it and not all are better than the one we are mentioning here i.e. twitter. It’s conversation-centric and fast-paced.

Twitter closely resembles the traditional chat but with the additional features that allow it to be a great and a most popular channel for the customer service. Many vendors are currently adapting customer service and call center software to keep up with the trends. The hashtags helps for optimized searches and communication, there are personalized settings for arranging tweets as well as it offers easy videos and picture attachments.

We agree that some of the other social platforms that can give you the similar features but with the fast nature of Twitter presents some pressure on managers to reply faster than on other channels, however with the great opportunity to use Twitter as an efficient customer service channel, you will be giving optimized and a real-time service at a negligible cost. The Twitter Customer Service has all the perks you can get from any social media service. Let’s see what are the ways in which Twitter customer service makes it revolutionary for giving a great customer service experience.

•    A Personalized real-time customer service
With the real-time nature of this social platform the agents as fast as tweets are received to give a very personalized experience. Furthermore, with companies having multiple twitter accounts to provide a greater service customer need to satisfy their clients and don’t want them to waste their time. These companies require clients to be directed to right place before they complain and this is where twitter comes very handy.
•    Advanced tools and features
With the Twitter’s new suite of data products, you will be able to get the insight of the customer behavior and analytics that will help in planning sales and marketing strategies. With this, you can empower your weaknesses easily and provide the customers better service. You can observe the tweets trends to know what people like or not.
•    Improved brand visibility for businesses
Twitter customer service magnifies the brand’s visibility than other social media channels to make sure that you match with the rapidly growing user base.
•    Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important for any business and organization. With the twitter customer service, you can improve a lot. The tweets and rapid response will help you know what clients have to say and what the solutions to the problems are or recommendations that they are making.

With the best ad real-time customer service, twitter no doubt makes itself best to be used as a Customer Service Channel. Advanced technical features, rapidly growing the popularity of the social channel and the conversational nature of the channel makes it easier for the companies to use the Twitter customer service for customer engagement. Use twitter to improve the Customer Service!

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