How to track text messages for Android

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Cellphones store the most sensitive information about individuals thus, an easy target for anyone who needs information about the activities and whereabouts of another person. Smartphones like Google's Android allow users to make conversations in privacy that make it almost impossible to find out what's going on. Various programs have been invented to monitor discreetly phone calls, messages, GPS location, photos, and videos and just about anything you can think of. The best apps should not only enable the user monitor all such activity without being detected but also should not charge monthly fees. Some of the top applications that spy on texts for Android devices include:

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Auto Forward Spy

Without a doubt, Auto Forward Spy is the best choice for Android devices. It is cheap and user-friendly and enables users to spy on text messages and browsing history without having possession of the targeted device. The app allows users to:

•Spy on text messages even when they have been erased. Auto Forward Spy enables the user to view the text content, time and date of the message and the related phone numbers.
•Listen to phone recordings: the app can record both sides of every conversation and upload the recording for the user to look later. Users can also download the recordings and listen to them later.
•Keep an eye on social media activity in real time: the feature probably suits parents who would like to check on their kid's social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Surepoint Spy

It is a user-friendly app compatible with all kinds of devices and perfect for folks who need to conduct surveillance work. Apart from monitoring text messages, videos, call logs and photos, it does not require the user to have the device being controlled in his possession. With no jailbreaking, Surepoint Spy easily spies on iMessages of Apple devices, iPhones, and iPads. As such, with a simple internet connection, information from an Android device can be extracted and displayed in your login account from your tablet, computer or cell phone.

1. The TruthSpy

TruthSpy enables users to spy on messages being sent and received by the target phone. The app also allows users to:

Go through the contents of every message.
Check the target's sent and received messages.
Access the names and numbers of all SMS senders and recipients.
Get the exact date and time of every text message.
The app uploads all the text messages on the TruthSpy control panel online so the user can access them from any place with simple internet connection.

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