Cloud Private Box: Your dedicated Cloud Storage

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Another new essential and useful service by BlueiTech, the Cloud Storage. Technology runs and we follow it!

Our service, called Cloud Private Box, allows secure file online storage with collaboration functions, created for work group. The main feature is the Dedicated Storage, we decided to diversify by most of our competitors offering NOT a shared service but absolutely dedicated to each customer who then has a storage dedicated server only for him and with an IP address for exclusive use

Dedicated Storage
Each customer has an independent storage, fully dedicated and with exclusive IP address, complete with SSL certificate

Security and Encryption
File encryption makes data inaccessible to anyone but the owner. The files are encrypted before sending then to the server and password encryption is maintained by the customer, locally.

The service provides the ability to synchronize and access files from any device, in addition, clients are available for all platforms and for mobile devices (Android and Ios).

File sharing and access permissions managing allow to work in the team in a simple and safe way.

Each plan allows to configure an illimitable number of users and to assign an available disk space quota to everyone

This feature allows you to view and get back as active file versions previously edited or deleted accidentally. 
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