The Mouse-Box Fits Your PC in a Mouse

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Technology affects our life people seem to come up with new inventions, computers become more powerful and smart. Don’t be surprised if the gadget or software you are using now becomes outdated in just a matter of months – that’s just simply how fast technology advances these days.

Take the computer mouse for example, it was invented and developed by Douglas Engelbart in 1960’s and after 55 years we see new generation of computer mice. Dubbed as the Mouse-Box, this new technology now allows an entire PC to fit right inside the mouse. Isn’t that awesome? This gadget is a perfect combination of PC and Mouse, which connects most important things in IT industry.

This new gadget is the work of Poland-based Przemyslaw Strzelczyk, along with his team of software developers. Just the size of a regular wireless mouse, this mini PC is just the size of the palm of your hands but runs on a 1.4GHz ARM processor, which is basically like having a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, only slightly smaller. Unfortunately you won’t be able to run some modern games on this device for now, but engineers at Mouse-Box say that future models will be definitely handle some intensive graphics and become Best Gaming Mouse on the market. But for those people who like this product and still want to game on it, there is lot of cloud gaming alternatives which can be used in that case.

Another thing to note is that the Mouse-Box comes with the same amount of storage, as the iPhone 6 Plus and is also packed with awesome features. Which includes a micro-HDMI port, four core 1.4 GHz ARM CORTEX processor, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, accelerometer, gyroscope and even two USB 3.0 ports. The Mouse-Box would run on a lightweight OS such as Linux or Chrome OS, but developers also promise that next generation will have its own operating system. Of course, its 128GB storage won’t really last long these days, and although it is not expandable, but you can definitely increase the storage through cloud.
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What would you need this compact PC for? Well, you can simply carry this one to the office and make presentations on the fly. Computer portability has long been a problem – and even carrying a laptop around during trips can be bulky. Once you connect it to a monitor or even to a TV, then you are good to go. The awesome Mouse-Box even comes with its own mouse pad, which also serves as an inductive charging pad. You will never ever have to worry about running out of battery in the process.
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You might already be itching to use this breakthrough mouse in a box invention, but this concept is still at the working prototype stage. The innovative team is currently seeking commercial partners, to help them bring the gadget to the market. Hopefully they will soon, so we can have an alternative to PCs in our homes and offices.

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