NowDiscount The Best Online Shoping App, You Need.

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If you love online shopping, then the NowDiscount app is the ultimate shopping assistant for you. This app allows you to locate outstanding local deals and discounts.  It comes with an integrated bar code reader/scanner, price comparison tools and online price match features.  This means you will get the best deals and every nickel is well spent.

Exclusive features:

The NowDiscount app comes with a barcode reader which makes it easier for shoppers to search for product info and pricing.  The app uses the information obtained from the barcode scanner to locate products with the best pricing from its database.  Moreover, it saves your search history for future referencing.

The application allows you to view the product details, including cost, making it simpler for users to make their buying decisions.  The price comparison feature enables users to discover the best online prices AND the best pricing for local nearby retailers.  Shoppers can also create secure 'wishlists' to save items that they may be interested in buying in the future.

As an avid  shopper, I have benefitted from the instant savings and discounts from the NowDiscount app.  I love buying items from local stores at the same price as I can get the items online.  That way I save money and get the product right away-- no need to wait for shipping.  This app finds local stores willing to price-match at sell products at the same price you can find them online.

Products available with NowDiscount app:

The application's database has hundreds of thousands of products such as: electronics, accessories, computers, games, books, magazines, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, furniture, household items and much much more.  The app is linked with many of the largest, most well-known retailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Sears, Toys R Us and Amazon.

NowDiscount Video:


As a shopper, you will find the NowDiscount app incredibly useful.  It is the ideal shopping assistant.  It saves time, money and headaches.  In addition, it's completely free and has the simplest, most intuitive user interface.  You need this app!

by Ashwin Singh

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