This Article Perfectly Analyzes Why Windows 7 Won’t Boot after Erasing an Old HD

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The Issue “Windows 7 Won’t Boot after Erasing an Old HD”

Have you ever encountered the problem that Windows 7 won’t boot after erasing an old HD? We believe that most computer users have encountered this issue. Users may want to replace an old HD with a new one or they want to achieve dual boot by using two hard disks. However, users will find that Windows 7 won’t start by using the new disk. Why does such a problem appear? Here in this article, we would like to answer this intense question for users.

Windows 7 won’t start because the old HD in it is set as primary hard drive including boot files. When we start Windows 7, these boot files will be read. If the old HD is erased, the programs can’t read boot files in it. Therefore, the computer can’t start without the old HD. When we plan to replace an old disk, we had better make sure whether our operation will cause computer boot failure. Then, users may ask how to solve this boot failure. The following content will show users solution to the problem “Windows 7 won’t boot after erasing an old HD”.

To solve this boot failure, users can rebuild MBR after they install Win 7 system by using the new hard disk. Users can use MiniToo Partition Wizard Bootable CD to realize rebuilding MBR with ease.

How to Rebuild MBR in Win 7 with Partition Magic.

1. After users get MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD, they should burn it to USB flash disk (CD/DVD). Then, they should insert the USB flash disk into computer (if users choose to use CD/DVD, they can put the bootable disk into CD/DVD driver). Users can start computer after modifying startup settings.

2.After the above image comes out, users should choose the fist option. If there still exists boot failure, users can choose the second one to start computer under safe mode.
3. Choose a display resolution (generally, the first option is chosen by default).
4.  After MiniTool partition magic was launched, users should choose a certain disk with system partition and then click “Rebuild MBR” from the left action panel.
5. Click “Apply” to start pending changes.

The issue “Windows 7 won’t boot after erasing an old HD” can be perfectly solved after users rebuild MBR and launch computer again. And they could find that Win7 boots normally now.

Next, we’d like to show users how to achieve dual boot with two hard disks (two different systems, such as Win XP and Win 7 are separately installed in two HD). If users want to boot Win XP (whose boot files are saved in the old HD), they can modify boot settings to use XP MBR guide system. If they want to boot Win 7, they can also modify startup settings to use Win 7 MBR guide system.
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