Five Top Data Recovery Full Version Software on PC

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Usually computer is used to hold a plenty of data in different kinds. But unfortunately, the accident of data loss constantly happens to users. As most users are unpracticed in recovering lost data, it is certain that they are very anxious that they will lose them permanently. However, it is not the fact. 

Reasons for Data Loss

If users know what reason leads to the accident, it will be easier for them to find the lost data back. Generally speaking, the causes can be divided into two main groups: soft failure (improper operation, sudden power failure and virus attack) and hardware failure (hardware physical damage). If the data loss is caused by latter factor, professional recovery companies may help users reach the goal. If soft failure arouses the mistake, users can carry out the recovery on their own just by using a restoration tool. 

Top 5 Recovery Software for Windows

Actually, there is a large amount of recovery software on the market at present, but it is hard for common users to identify the good one and bad one. So, in the rest part of this passage, we will talk about 5 top data recovery full version software on PC, and users can choose one from them to accomplish lost data recovery.

I. MiniTool Power Data Recovery
It is a professional program for data (common files, applications, images, videos and music) recovery from not only computer hard drive, but also mobile phone SD card, camera memory card and USB flash disk. Five modules (Undelete Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery and CD/DVD Recovery) can be chosen according to users different situations. Here, we’d like to show users how to recover lost data by using “Undelete Recovery” module. 

1. Activate “Undelete Recovery” on the main interface to enter the partition list.

2. Select a partition (from which some useful data were missing) and click “Scan” to scan it to find out the lost data.

3. Tick the files which need to be recovered and hit “Save” to appoint another partition to store them. After finishing these steps, users can shut the software and go to view the recovered data in the specified partition.

. WinHex
WinHex is a widely used editor, especially helpful in the field of computer forensics, data restoration and low-level data processing. It can recover lost data from hard disk or digital camera memory card. The disadvantage is the trial version is limited, and users have to purchase the full version.

. Rencuva
Rencuva is a nice disk recovery program if users have lost something on one of their personal devices. It works great in finding files back from camera and MP3 player.

. Pandora Recovery
Pandora Recovery especially restores deleted files on a hard drive formatted with NTFS file system, not the older FAT file system. So, U disk and camera memory card, which use FAT file system, are not supported by Pandora Recovery.

Taking all factors into account, we strongly recommend Power Data Recovery to users from the five top data recovery full version software on PC. In addition, users can download a free edition to restore 1 GB data. If they want to recover more data, they need to buy an advanced one. Click here to know more about this best data recovery software.
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