The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will define how a 4K display looks like.

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The upcoming Galaxy S6 from Samsung is in all news. The device is stubborn enough in bringing the best possible specs for the users. Buzz is that it is going to be the opening device to boast a display having 4k resolution. Things are not only limited with this, as the upcoming flagship from Samsung is supposed to run through the powerful Snapdragon 810 processor. 

Samsung takes the S5 seriously:

Samsung seems to be in no mood for leaving any part untried in compensating for the Galaxy S5.  The predecessor of S6 was unveiled in initial part of the year. But, it was never before experienced in case of any device from the South Korean giant; the way S5 has been defeated. Enough, much efficient smartphones have joined the race keeping the S5 a way behind in a very shorter span. Anyway, the preparation of Samsung shows quite well upon looking at the specs given below. 

The introducing factors: 4k resolution

Talking about S6, the device is going to keep the screen size intact if the expectations go in right way. However, this is not an issue as the Sammy fans are looking already much happier to get the first ever resolution. On this context it can certainly put the devices with QHD display under shadow. 

Super performing S6 powered by Snapdragon 810:

Above all, the upcoming flagship is said to be a top performer powered by the efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset. Through the process it becomes the opening 20nm CPU, and at the same time the Exynos 5433 from the house and the one from its top competitor Cupertino’s A8. In addition the processor can easily deal with both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.
Reportedly the device with Snapdragon 810 is going to make its first appearance during the CES 2015. However, S6 is not alone; there are other stuffs ready to come with latest chipset like HTC One M9. Anyway, Exynos chipset itself is quite strong, so no thing to loose though.

Built, snappers, and OS:

The Galaxy S6 is going to be a stronger device as well with the complete metal casing. It has become more evident post the Galaxy Alpha show. The device is going to play through the Lollipop platform as expected that will be made for both 32 and 64 bits.
In terms of snapper, it is going to pack a 20 MP snapper at the main end, and a much efficient back-up system is expected to be there.

When to come?

No need to speculate much about the S6 release, as it is quite apparent for the device to put the wraps off during the opening months coming year. In fact, it would be near about a year since its predecessor was released. However, the fans will have to wait most probably for the MWC slated to occur during February 2015. Being more specific, the device is said to appear on 2nd March upcoming year.
Starting from display, built, to processor, the S6 is certainly much revamped than S5. Undoubtedly, it brings the best compilation from Samsung, and even under Android OS. The point to be noted is that the Samsung has not made anything official about any spec.   
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