Best Way to Promote Posts On Social Media For free

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Post promotion is a very nice and useful way to get traffic and some new loyal readers to your blog. You can make a audience which will come back to your site to check your new content. Loyal readers are the biggest achievement of your blog. If your blog is a new blog and your are writing some great content then post promotion will definitely help you to get some traffic and regular visitors. New blog don't rank in Google this is the reason why you get low traffic from Google and the best way to get good traffic for your blog is social media.
If you use social media properly then it will definitely help you to increase your blogs traffic. People on social me share their questions and any of your post may give them a clear answer. So in this way if you will help them then he will definitely come on your blog and if your content is great then he will definitely comment and share your post.

What you are doing to promote your content?

You are sharing your content on your social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. This sites are work for you sometimes for you but not for every time. This is because you are sharing your content with those people who don't need this content. This is the reason why people are not opening your link and visiting. If your post is about movies, jokes and videos then this will not happen with you because these topics are almost all peoples favourite but if your post is a about any software,pc trick or about any online site then this will happen with you because everyone do not need that tutorial.     

Share your post with those people who are interested in your content.

There are many types of peoples, you have to find which type of peoples are interested in your content. If someone is interested then it is sure that they will open your site and read your content. In this way you can get more loyal readers. Sharing your content with interested people in your post then it will help you to increase your traffic. If your problem solve any problem or he learn something from your blog then he will definitely share the content.      

How To find Peoples who are interested in your article.

There specific search engines for social media. This tool will help us to find Facebooks posts and Twitter tweets and google plus post. Once you find the post with your keyword then you just have to reply this posts and tweets.
I use socialmention and social-searcher for searching about my posts to find some interested people. 

Social mention is a good site. It works like any ordinary search engine. You just have to put your keyword in the search box and see the result. Now you can open links from the search page.Now you can easily comment on the post. By using socialmenttion you can search blogs,microblogs (twitter),bookmarks,images and videos. You can use socialmenttion to search Question and answer sites. Question and answer sites are also useful promote your post.  
But you can't find the post of facebook and Google Plus by using socialmention. 

Social-searcher site is specific for social site and very simple to use but you have to create an account to use social-searcher. You can not open any post and you can not also comment, this is very bad. Hoping they will allow opening links in future. Also read how to use kodi on smart TV

If you have any other way to promote post on Facebook so comment. 
by Ashwin Singh

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