View India in 360 with or with there Android App.

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Now you can view Indian Streets in 360 on the go with WoNoBo. You can also use it on your android device or in your browser.  At this time WoNoBo mobile app feature with 14 Indian Cities and they are planing to expand it to 54. But there online site is only providing 4 Cities 360 view. I think they are more concentrating on there mobile app. I think soon they will all 14 cities online.

I tried this on there site and i was able to find my home. It is a very  experience to see your home and area in 360.  Below is the screenshot of my own area where i live.

WoNoBo can also provide you directions for going one place to other place. It has a list of beautiful places that you should visit or watch. If you want to explore any city of India this is only app that can help you. In the map oof WoNoBo they have inserted shops, Coffee shops, Offices and malls ,monuments, parks, etc. They have also added very small restaurent that are place in very rural areas.
WoNoBo is the first and the only service that provide 360 view of India. It will help almost all smartphone and pc users of India.  

"There are a number of potential use cases for the WoNoBo App that we hope businesses and individuals will exploit to the fullest extent. We hope something as mundane as sending someone directions, for example, will be a whole lot easier from now on," adds Amit Mehta, Head of Products and Marketing,

Do You also want to view your city in 360 so visit or download it on Your android phone from Google Play.

This is the Screenshot of there Mobile app.

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