Make Free Call from any Phone without Internet in India with Freekall.

So, This post is not about any messenger or any other Android app that gives a feature of voice calls. Many messenger like Line and Whatsapp allow you to make free calls. But there are may big problem of these apps the user must have Android, Iphone, Windows or any other high-end phone and also both caller and receiver must have internet connection. So you can not use these apps in any phone that do not have Internet connection.

FreeKall a Service to make free calls.

Three engineering student  Yashas C Shekar, Vijaykumar Umaluti and Sandesh E, have launched a service named as FreeKall, a free call making service for those who do not have Internet connection or any High-end phone. The authors is from Bangalore of India.
Freekall earn money basically from Advertisement. The users of Freekall have to listen a 10 second advertisement. Once both user have connected they have to listen advertisement after every 2 minutes in the middle of call. Freekall has tied up with a media agency called Streetsmart Media Solutions for the advertisements.
Registered users can make 12 minute calls in 24 hours and un-registered users can make calls for upto three minutes. Once the service goes live, registered users will be able to make unlimited calls.

How Frekall Work.

How to Make a Free call with Freekall.

  • First dial any of 080-67683693 OR 080-67683693 number from your phone. The call will be disconnected after one ring. 
  • After this step You will get automated call on your phone and it will ask you to dial the desired phone number which you would like to call. Now you will be able to talk with your desired person.
The system can currently support 20,000 calls per second. FreeKall is currently in Beta as of now and so far it has already been used to make nearly four lakh (400,000) calls so far.

How to Become a registered User.

  • Just Visit there sit on Freekall and click on sign up button.
  • There are two option either you can user your Facebook account or you can sign up manually.
  • If you are using manual so just fill the necessary field. Fill the phone number from which you are going to make a call.

I have tried this service and it is very useful. I like this service so much but it allows only 12 minute in a day.
It is running at this time you should try.
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