[How-To] Increase Alexa Ranking with 3 Simple Factors.

These days, Alexa ranking matters for every blogger because it the  most over rated term in judgement of blogs and websites. Many of blogger judge there own and other"s blog Alexa raking. According to Alexa they are Web information company and author of Alexa is Amazon Inc.

3 mane Factors affecting Alexa Ranking. 

  1. Traffic of your blog.
  2. Number of sites linking your blog.
  3. Update your blog 3-4 time in a weak.

1.Traffic of your Blog.

How Alexa Count Your Visits?

  • Alexa count visits of a blog with the help of there toolbar and there badge on your blog.. 
It works like this, If you get 100 visitors per day and 25 of those visitors have Alexa toolbar in there browser then Alexa will count only 25 visits per day and they will judge the blog on the basis of 25 visits per day.

This is the reason why  SEO bloggers have good alexa rank in comparison with TECH bloggers. All SEO blogs have content related to SEO, Blogging, Designing a blog. These content is mostly reads by thechy guys and they have Alexa toolbar in there browser.

Now, what to do if you do not have more techy readers. You showld install Alexa Badge on your Blog.
This is the link.

My personal Experince with alexa badge on my blog.
I was not updating my blog from 3 months, you can see my blog archive. My Alexa rank was gone so down by 800,000 my brother told me to add Alexa badge on my blog. After adding Alexa Badge i recovered my old Alexa Rank.

I advise all the bloggers to add Alexa badge on there blog.

2.Number of sites linking your blog.

If you have more sites linking in so your Alexa rank will increase 2x faster than others.  By building site linking your traffic and Alexa rank both will increase.
It is very simple to build sites linking in.

  • One way is by commenting on other blog, leave your blog link in there comment box. 
  • Onther way is by taking part in forums. 
  • Write guest post on diffrent blogs.
If you are building sites linking with high Google Page rank sites your Google Page rank will also increase. 

Build sites linkig in with good blogs and sites. Don"t link your blog with torrent and porn sites.

3:-Update your blog 3-4 times in a weak.

By updating your blog you will get more traffic and more Alexa ranking too.

If you are working on these 3 factors you don't need to take stress about your Alexa Rank.

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by Ashwin Singh

Ashwin Singh is a blogger. He enjoys to write post and share tricks. He is a student. He is behind this blog.

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  1. And to get those 3 factors working is by 3 simple words. "Content is King".

  2. Yes "content is King" bu adding Alexa badge and link building will increase your Alexa more faster bu only Good content is king not all spam. Posting more content will lead you to Google panda OR Penguin update.

  3. "Posting more content" will not lead to Google Panda OR Penguin update. That's just how they work. Alexa is completely different search engine and so does Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

    And when I say "Content is King", I meant that we have to post GREAT content. A blog post or content that is sooo good, that it goes viral and people are willing to share them. Taking a really good example is zenpencil.com

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