Make Duplicate Copy of your House Keys with your Smart Phone.

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People doing different things with there Smart Phone. Today, I am going to tell you about how to make a duplicate copy of your house keys with your Smart Phone.
There is site on Internet named This site makes duplicate copy of house keys with the image.
This service is not free you have to pay 5$ for each keys. They will deliver your keys in 2 day.

If you want to make a copy of your house keys and not have time to go to shop, so you can try this site.  The user review says that the keys are working properly and there is not any problem in the keys.

What you have to do.
 There only three easy steps to do that.

  • Hold the key in your hand, in front of an untextured wall or table.
  • Take a sharp picture of the entire key from about 4 inches away
  • Email pictures to

That's it! there robot will analyze your picture and send an email asking for a shipping address and your payment information.

Go and make a duplicate copy of your Key.
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by Ashwin Singh

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