[How-To] Add Folders and Software to My Computer in Windows7,8.

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My Computer is most useful feature in Windows OS. My computer allows you to access your drives and devices connected to you PC
Because,Computer is most useful service in Windows OS so you might want to your favorite in Computer. Computer is not a regular folder so you can’t just drop a shortcut there the usual way. But there is a quick way to get a shortcut listed in Computer and here’s how.

Follow these Steps to add Folder in Computer.

  • First pres in "Windows + R" and then paste this %appdata%  in the box and Press Enter Key. This will open a hidden folder “Roaming”.

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  • Now paste bellow code in the link bar of Windows Explorer and Enter Key. 
\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts

  • Now Network Shortcuts folder will open. Here you can paste the shortcuts of the folder and software  which you want to add in My Computer.
  • Now just close Network Shortcuts folder and see in you Computer.

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