[How-To] Change The Appearance of Facebook on all Pages.

Facebook is most popular Social-networking  site on internet.  Facebook is very important people spend there free time on Facebook.
There are many Facebook users who want change the appearance(Theme) of Facebook. There are many tricks on Internet for changing  Facebook's appearance. The basic way to do that is adding a extension in your browser.
There is a extension named Facebook Theme Gallery. By using this you can easily change Facebook's theme. Facebook Theme Gallery have many types of different style. You just need to install this extension and choose a theme.

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Follow bellow steps to change the theme.     
  • Add  Facebook Theme Gallery in your chrome.
  • Go to Extensions Setting( chrome://extensions/ paste this in your address bar and press enter ) and Find "Facebook Themes (Facebook Theme Gallery)" and click on Option Link.
  • Now click on "Explore" button and chose the theme you want.
  • Now choose the theme and click on "Install" button.
  • Now just refresh your Facebook page and see the new theme.

What to do if you want the original theme back.
  • If you permanently want to remove the custom theme so just remove the Extension.
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by Ashwin Singh

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  1. Although I prefer the default facebook theme the most, but really helpful post for those who like to experiment with these things.. or should I say, the people who have so much of free time to do so.. :D

  2. Thanks Harish keep visiting.....

  3. now a days people only wants to do diffrent things.......so time does'nt matter....and everyone knows that default facebook theme is good but look at this isn't it cool....and only it is for cool people......ashwin i appreciate u to explore diffrent things...carry on ma brotha


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