How to change color of folders in windows with Folder Colorizer

Managing folder and recognizing them is not so easy. Some times you want to open a folder but you open another.
Normally we recognize folders by there but it is not easy.A way to organize the folders is to change there color.Humans recognize color faster than word this is prove and you can also prove this by changing colors of your folders.After changing the colors of folder your PC will look different from other PC's of you friend and relatives.Some software is able to change the color of folders.
When you open a document and folders look like this.
So what can you do to manage these folders.        
There are three software that can help you to change the color.After doing my research trying them on my PC i found Folder Colorizer better than them. 
      Folder Colorizer                           
Folder Colorizer is made by softorino.This is a small and simple program that help you to color folders.The size of this softawre is only 1.42MB .
  • Download Folder Colorizer from here.
  • First you will be shown the "License Agreement " when installing by the software          
  • Next page will 'bloatware' in installation. Uncheck the box of 'Try cleanMyPC for free'.  
  • Next page will be the 'Free activation Page'.Put your E-Mail in the box.
  • Now you are ready to change the color of Folder.Just right click on the folder which you want to change the color and click on click on colorize after that choose the color you want.
  • You can also choose new color or remove any color and also you can make custom color with color wheel.When you get your mouse on a color in color manager you ca see 'x' to remove the color from the software. 
  • If you want original color of your folder so you can do this by doing right click on folder and chooseing colorize! icon and Restore original color (right click--colorize!--Restore original color).

After coloring some folder it may look like this. 

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