How to see your hidden Passwords Under Asterisks

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Google chrome,Firefox and other browser hide password behind Asterisks for security reason.But you can see the passwords just editing HTML. If you saved password in browser and visit that site the username and the password is auto filled there.This is convenient for Sign-in into your account just because you need to click on the Sign-in button.If you do this for fast Sign-in process so you can forget your password after that you can not see the passwords also.

All web browsers, for security reasons, mask the password fields in login forms behind asterisk characters thus making it impossible for passersby to see your secret string.

Reveal the hidden passwords. 
  • Right click on password field and choose "Inspect Element".
  • This will open the document inspector window. 

  • After that Right click on selected line and choose"Edit as HTML".
  • Now change the "password" with "text" After that you can see the password that was saved. 
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