Zoom photo on every sites.

If you use FB photo so you think that it will also run on all sites and blog. I found a browser extension Hover Zoom work like FB photo zoom but all the sites that contain Images. Hover Zoom also work on Social-networking sites like Facebook,Google plus,Flickr, Reddit and many also and blog also.
Hover Zoom work on my blog and Google Image search result.It magnify image with the size of image.When Hover Zoom magnify HD images it looks like an page.Disable Zoom
Look a zoomed image with Hover Zoom.(Preview)

Select your browser to get Hover Zoom.                                                                                         

Now add Hover Zoom and enjoy.
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by Ashwin Singh

Ashwin Singh is a blogger. He enjoys to write post and share tricks. He is a student. He is behind this blog.

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  3. When using Hover Zoom on a picture, will the program enter the site and "open up" the picture? For example: A blog has had 100 visitors last day. If I google pictures and use Hover Zoom on a picture from that blog, will the blog then has received 101 visitors? Simply, will I contribute to the blog's amount of visitors, its possible revenues and so on when I Google and use "Zoom" on that picture?

    Hope you understood my question. Answers are always appreciated.

  4. singhashwini2726 July 2012 at 03:48

    Yes the program enter the site and
    "open up" because to magnify the image the program need the source link of image.This visit is counted by the blog.

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