Swiftype voice search for your blog.

If you are using blogger hosted custom search widget to your blog,blogger custom search lack many features like Autocomplete. Autocomplete which users like most because when they start typing Autocomplete feature will complete that automatically.Now Swiftype is still in public beta mode so they are not charring now.Swiftype is free and not require coding skill to add this on your blog.
They have different features like Search Autocomplete,Search analyse to analyse how many time your visitors are using your custom search.
  Follow these steps to get Swiftype voice search.
See Swiftype on my blog.
  • Go to Swiftype and create a n account and  confirm you account with  you E-mail.
  • Login to your Swiftype account and click on Create a new search engine.Provide your Website/blog name,select a source as crawler then fill your website/blog URL and click on CREATE ENGINE button.  
  • Now it will take some time to crawl your website/blog and you will see your post in dashboard.
  • Click on install button and copy the code and paste it to Blooger>Layout>Add a gadget>HTML/JAVASCRIPT.
  • To add voice search in swiftype Search find this <input type="text" id="st-search-input" class="st-search-input"/> in swiftype widget HTML.
  • Replace with  <input type="text" id="st-search-input" class="st-search-input"  x-webkit-speech=""/>
  • Last step click on save button.
  • After editing it must look like this.
How to get Voice search for your normal search box.
    • If you not using Swiftype search so add this x-webkit-speech="" in "<input/>" section. 
    Note:- voice search only run in Google chrome.

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