How to access us only sites/services from anywhere in world

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 There are many sites that do not allow you to access the site. There are many reason behind this but one of the major reason is your IP address. Because that site or service made for specific country like US or UK. Many times if you re from Us And Uk and you are not in your own country and want to access these sites so it doesn't  allow you to access.

One way is to using proxy service proxy service is great if you just want to read or watch a website. But it fails when have to Log in site.
Many peoples prefer using extension in the browser to change the IP address. This method also work good and i some time use extension. This is good if just want to use the site only in browser. Many Websites provider there software to access their site or their server in this situation extension can not Work.

Best Method for all Situations.   

Tunnel bear is software that change the IP address of your whole system i.e you can use this software to access any server or site using in any program or on any site. You can also log in that site. This  software will work in background you don't need to do any thing to run any this software. The user Interface of the software is like an Old television. It is good and user friendly also.

But there is a big fault of this software that it is not free. In every month you get 2GB of Data. For many people this much amount of storage is sufficient but not for all. You can increase the size by sharing about it on Facebook and Twitter. spotify sleep timer The offer is good you can share it. It is a good software so your friends will not irritate with your sharing and it is not spam also    

Follow some steps to get TunnelBear and access to US/ sites.

  • Download TunnelBear for Windows.

  • Download  TunnelBear forMac.
  • Install it.
  • Create a account by filing the form.
  • Verify your account by your email.
  • Sing in to TunnelBear.
  • On the button of TunnelBear.
  • Now your have done.You will get 500mb free from TunnelBear.


If you are using any software to access any site or server then only you should use this software otherwise you should go with extension just search on google.

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by Ashwin Singh

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