How the HP Spectre X360 13 Makes A Strong Case for User Privacy and Security

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Privacy concerns have become a big thing for users in recent years. This is not illogical, seeing as there is almost a data breach happening every minute of the day.

With the cost of data breaches soaring through the roof, it becomes important for users to start taking things into their own hands when it comes to data security and safety, rather than trusting it to the companies.

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Speaking of companies, they are not as clean as they should be. With many of them practically living off data to stay alive, there is almost nowhere to turn for the end-user. Google ‘Google’ if you don’t believe us.

Sadly, they are not the only ones to be scared of. While these companies still have to operate within the confines of some law, hackers and scammers don’t. Should user data get into their hands, there is no telling what they can do with that.

Thus, this is a great time for HP to launch their new Spectre x360 13 unit.
If you are expecting to get a full rundown of the specs and features of this unit, this is not the right post for you. You can check the official HP website to get all of that information.

While the Spectre x360 13 does come with specs that will make your mouth water, though, we are more interested in the privacy aspect.

For one, users have been sceptical about leaving their webcam ports open for a long time now. It is no longer news that even when you are not actively using your webcam, it can be remotely accessed and hacked to spy on you. HP recognizes this issue, and they plug it by offering a Webcam Kill Switch with their latest release.

Even when you are not using the webcam, this physical kill switch button makes it possible to electrically disconnect the webcam from the motherboard. That makes it such that the system does not even recognize the presence of a webcam until the switch is toggled again – making it impossible for outside access.

Besides, they also offer a LED button for turning off the microphone. With numerous reports of even smart home assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa being used to listen in on intimate conversations, it is not surprising that laptop microphone units can also be commandeered in such a way.
Now that there is yet another physical button for that, users can rest easy.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is with the VPN that comes pre-installed on the laptop. Computer manufacturers have been known to offer free trial packages for antivirus software out of the box, but the inclusion of a VPN is relatively new. This shows how much VPNs are now rated to contribute to user privacy and security.

Now that HP has partnered up with ExpressVPN to make this happen, users of the Spectre x360 13 can expect protection against public Wi-Fi-related attacks, browse with secure and encrypted networks, and much more.
Beyond every other thing, this is one of the laptops to consider if you are truly concerned about your privacy and security


Exciting security features on Android Pie

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Android Pie is already here, and it has brought with it incredible security features. First announced in March 2018, the beta quality was rolled out in May and the final and stable version released to the public in August.

The pixel devices got the new software immediately while other brands such as Asus, Huawei, Nokia, HTC, Honor, Motorola, and LG are still rolling out the update.

Whether you already have the new software or will get it soon, here are some security features inherent in Android P that should excite you.

A good amount of restriction on the use of the camera or mic in the background

Unlike in previous Android versions where an app could easily hijack your camera or mic in the background as long as you had enabled certain permissions; Android pie ensures that apps cannot use your camera or mic in the background.

That means that the only time an app can access the mic or camera is when both of these apps are active on screen. Note also, that no app will be able to use any other sensor on your phone except the camera and the mic.

Therefore. If you were worried about apps that listen and watch you without your knowledge, you can relax.

HTTPS is now the default for all apps

Previous versions of Android could handle both HTTP and HTTPS. Both of these are protocols that facilitate communication over the internet with HTTPS being more secure because it employs a level of encryption.

By making HTTPS a standard for apps, even apps or rather developers that refused to be security conscious and continued to use HTTP will have to adhere to the new standard. That benefits you as the user because it means your data is secure as it travels all over the internet.

A passcode will be mandatory when restoring your device

Previously, there was only one layer of security when it came to restoring your device—fingerprint or face ID. Android has added another layer where you also need to type in a password, PIN or pattern.
The two layers make it harder for malicious people who steal phones, restore them to factory settings and resell them. However, note that if you forget the PIN, pattern or password, even you will not be able to restore your phone.

An alert tone to inform you if your call is being recorded

So far, when using an Android device, there have been two ways your call can be recorded without your knowledge—either an app will record your call or the person you are talking to will record your call.

To enhance privacy and eliminate the vulnerability, Android Pie periodically sends an alert tone to you and the person you are talking to if it detects a recording attempt.


Without a doubt, Android P is the most secure version of Android to date. However, note that while this is reassuring, you need to remember that vulnerabilities still exist, especially in your unprotected internet traffic passing through multiple external nodes.

For instance, when browsing on public Wi-Fi, your data is still in danger of theft. Also, by itself, HTTPS encryption is not enough. Consequently, you need a good Android VPN for further encryption.

An Android VPN will encrypt your traffic and route it via secure servers when you are on public Wi-Fi to maximize security and privacy. Also, it will hide your browsing activity keeping you safe from snoopers.

Perhaps most amazing of all, a good VPN does not compromise your internet speeds to give ample protection against traffic interception and snooping. If you are as cybersecurity-conscious as we are, we strongly recommend that you patch up the security loopholes in Android Pie as soon as you get it.


How To Remove Kmspico From Registry

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KMSPico is used to activate Windows for free. This is unsafe as it is not from the trusted source. By installing it on your computer, your system might get infected with viruses. Moreover, there are not many reviews that can help you to find that is it safe to use or not. So, if you are not sure about it, just not install it and in case you have installed but now want to get rid of KMSPico, then you can check the following guide to remove it from your system. In this article, you will find the information on how to remove KMSPico permanently from various devices.

First of all, you need to remove the components below:

Re-Loader RATON.exe

For Windows Users

Solve Showbox No Internet Connection Error.

You can remove all the components from the Control Panel. 

Click on Start
Find Control panel and click on it
Then click “Program and Features”
After that click on “Uninstall a program”

Removing KMSPico From Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click on the “Settings” icon.
Next, find and click on “Manage add-ons”
Find the KMSPico and Disable it
After that, you need to change the homepage of Internet Explorer as sometimes virus can change it
In the “Settings” click on “Internet Options”
In General, tab, enter the URL that you want
Now, click on “Apply“
After this, you need to reset the Internet Explorer to completely remove the KMSPico. In “Internet Options”, click on “Advanced”
Then on Reset
Check the box “Delete Personal Settings”
Click on “Reset”

Remove KMSPico from Mac

Click “Go” Button
Then choose “application”
Find KMSPico from the list and right click on it
Click “Move to Trash” to for removal from Mac

Removing KMSPico from Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge
Click on the 3 dots at the right corner of the screen
Next, click on “Settings”
In “Settings”, Click “Choose What to Clear”
Select the things you want to clear remove
Click “Clear”
After that, open “Task Manager” by right-clicking on the “Start” button.
In Task Manager, find “Microsoft Edge” and Right Click on it
Click on “Go to details”
Now, search for the entries with “Microsoft Edge” name
Select all of them and click on “End Task”

Removing KMSPico from Chrome Browser

Open Google Chrome
Click on three dots at the right corner of the screen to open Settings
Click on “More Tools” Option
Next, Click on “Extensions”
Find the KMSpico Extension and Delete it
To change the Homepage of Chrome, open Settings
Next Click “Manage Search Engines”
Here, remove all malicious URLs and add the one you want
For complete removal, reset the browser by opening the “Settings”
When in Settings, scroll down and click on “Advanced Settings”
At the end of the page, you will find “Restore settings to their original defaults”, have a click there and Reset Google Chrome
So, follow these steps and remove KMSPico from your any device.


WhatsApp Status Images : Download Top 30 Images {*NEW* 2017}

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Here I am presenting you one of the best Images available for WhatsApp Status Images. WhatsApp just launched the new WhatsApp status like Instagram stories. Many people are saying that it is the copy of SnapChat Stories feature. But if you like the new feature and want to use it then I have the best collection of WhatsApp status images. If you want you can use it as WhatsApp DP. These images are under many categories Like Attitude, Break Up, Sad, etc. You can find pictures of all type of moods. We found this images from Web, and these are some best images that you can find.

WhatApp is one of the best messenger app available across all the platforms. You can use it on Android, iOS and Windows Phone also. You can also use WhsatsApp web to access WhsatsApp on PC. Although WhatsApp officially launched WhatsApp status and it is publically available for everyone, but you can not check it on WhatsApp web. After the launch, I decided to collect all the great WhatsApp Status Images that you can use.
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9 Useful CMD Tricks To know

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You don't need me to tell you how important Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows is. Everything you can do in Windows using GUI can be done using CMD. Well, The CMD bring all the necessary tools under one simple window. But the worst part of CMD is to remember the commands. However, Windows tried to make it easier for us by providing "HELP" command. In this post, We are going to some list of the cool CMD commands which will help you do super cool stuffs  using the Command Prompt.

useful cmd tricks

#1. Change color scheme Of CMD

The first thing comes to mind when we see CMD windows is "Boring". Most people don't like the black and white color scheme of CMD. So here is a way to make it little colorful and a bit more attractive.
color /?
This command will get you a list of 8 colors that you can set as font color. Here is how to change the background color if you want to change.

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Step 1: Right click on CMD window title bar.

Step 2: Click on "Properties" and go to "Colors" tab.

Step 3: Select the color you want, and you are all done.

#2. Copy CMD Output to clipboard
This command is really helpful if you want to process the output after execution. This command will copy all the generated output to the clipboard for further use. Note that the CMD will not show the output, it will just copy the whole thing to the clipboard.
<your_command> | clip
Replace "<your_command>" with your command to copy the output. For example, If you want to copy the contents of the directory, just write dir | clip and all the output will be copied to the clipboard. #3. Abort a running command Did you ever accidently run a different command that risked your precious data? Well, this will never happen again. After reading this, you can abort the command before it harms your precious data. After you enter the wrong command, just press "Ctrl + C" to abort running the code.

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#4. Check disk for errors

This one is crucial when your USB got some disk errors, and you need to fix them. Just open CMD and type
chkdsk /f D:
Here "D:" is the drive letter i want to check for disk errors. Also remember that you should run CMD in elevated mode because this command requires Administrator Privilage.

#5. Function Keys in CMD

Function keys really gives you wings to fly in CMD. There are lots of works you can easily do with the function keys. You can see the command history, run previous command and many other shortcuts which will make your day to day task more easier.
F1 : Repeats the letters of the last command line, one by one
F2 : Displays a dialog asking user to "enter the char to copy up to" of the last command line
F3 : Repeats the last command line (Similar to DOSKEY)
F4 : Displays a dialog asking user to "enter the char to delete up to" of the last command line
F5 : Goes back one command line
F6 : Enters the traditional CTRL+Z (^z) (End-Of-File)
F7 : Displays a menu with the command line history (Similar to DOSKEY)
ALT + F7 will clear the command line history
F8 : Cycles back through previous command lines.
F9 : Displays a dialog asking user to enter a command number, where 0 is for first command line entered

 #6. Save output to a file

Saving command output to a file can also be done by copying the command output in clipboard however this method will do the work faster. All you have to do is to type in you command followed by ">" and then the filename.
dir > output.txt

#7. Copy Selected region to clipboard

Unlike the 2nd one, this one will allow you to copy specific length of output to the clipboard. Just like we do in MS Word, Notepad, and other text documents. Here is how to do that.

Step 1: After running your command, press "Mark"

Step 2: Drag the mouse and select the region you want to copy.

#8. See network information

This command will let you see and configure the network settings right from the command line.

This is a powerful command and has many options to configure the network settings. To see all the available commands just add the "-help" at the end of the command. As mentioned above, the "-help" will give you the pieces of information about the command preceding it.

This one lets you ping the server to check whether the network communication can be established or not. Here we are pinging the localhost.

#9. Find IP Address of a Website


The DNS let you grab a fancy word that can be remembered easily instead of IP address. This way you never know which IP you are visiting. Above command will reveal the IP address of the website. Use it however you want. Visiting the obtained IP will land you on the actual site.

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