NowDiscount The Best Online Shoping App, You Need.

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If you love online shopping, then the NowDiscount app is the ultimate shopping assistant for you. This app allows you to locate outstanding local deals and discounts.  It comes with an integrated bar code reader/scanner, price comparison tools and online price match features.  This means you will get the best deals and every nickel is well spent.

Exclusive features:

The NowDiscount app comes with a barcode reader which makes it easier for shoppers to search for product info and pricing.  The app uses the information obtained from the barcode scanner to locate products with the best pricing from its database.  Moreover, it saves your search history for future referencing.

The application allows you to view the product details, including cost, making it simpler for users to make their buying decisions.  The price comparison feature enables users to discover the best online prices AND the best pricing for local nearby retailers.  Shoppers can also create secure 'wishlists' to save items that they may be interested in buying in the future.

As an avid  shopper, I have benefitted from the instant savings and discounts from the NowDiscount app.  I love buying items from local stores at the same price as I can get the items online.  That way I save money and get the product right away-- no need to wait for shipping.  This app finds local stores willing to price-match at sell products at the same price you can find them online.

Products available with NowDiscount app:

The application's database has hundreds of thousands of products such as: electronics, accessories, computers, games, books, magazines, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, furniture, household items and much much more.  The app is linked with many of the largest, most well-known retailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Sears, Toys R Us and Amazon.

NowDiscount Video:


As a shopper, you will find the NowDiscount app incredibly useful.  It is the ideal shopping assistant.  It saves time, money and headaches.  In addition, it's completely free and has the simplest, most intuitive user interface.  You need this app!


Want to make a mobile app without any programming skills? PoqAd can help

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PoqAd, a company based in Wroclaw, Poland, has just launched a tool aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that want to build a mobile app for their clients. The PoqAd project is one of the first systems available on the Polish market that uses a subscription model.

According to the latest statistics, nearly half of Poles have and actively use smartphones. The increase in popularity of this type of equipment has forced companies to change their online communication. Creating mobile websites and responsive web pages is already a standard. While looking for new forms of communication with customers, more and more often companies are choosing to create a dedicated mobile application. Unfortunately, it is an investment that requires a considerable amount of money, which SMEs are usually not able to afford.

PoqAd is a response to such needs - a service that allows the creation of a mobile app without any programming knowledge, just by using intuitive forms. Building an application involves merging separate modules - functions that allow you to prepare the desired app according to your wishes. Among the available features you can find elements of a classical website - contact, map, address information, as well as more advanced functions - QR code reader, augmented reality or a loyalty program in its mobile version.

Five Top Data Recovery Full Version Software on PC

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Usually computer is used to hold a plenty of data in different kinds. But unfortunately, the accident of data loss constantly happens to users. As most users are unpracticed in recovering lost data, it is certain that they are very anxious that they will lose them permanently. However, it is not the fact. 

Reasons for Data Loss

If users know what reason leads to the accident, it will be easier for them to find the lost data back. Generally speaking, the causes can be divided into two main groups: soft failure (improper operation, sudden power failure and virus attack) and hardware failure (hardware physical damage). If the data loss is caused by latter factor, professional recovery companies may help users reach the goal. If soft failure arouses the mistake, users can carry out the recovery on their own just by using a restoration tool. 

Top 5 Recovery Software for Windows

Actually, there is a large amount of recovery software on the market at present, but it is hard for common users to identify the good one and bad one. So, in the rest part of this passage, we will talk about 5 top data recovery full version software on PC, and users can choose one from them to accomplish lost data recovery.

I. MiniTool Power Data Recovery
It is a professional program for data (common files, applications, images, videos and music) recovery from not only computer hard drive, but also mobile phone SD card, camera memory card and USB flash disk. Five modules (Undelete Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery and CD/DVD Recovery) can be chosen according to users different situations. Here, we’d like to show users how to recover lost data by using “Undelete Recovery” module. 

This Article Perfectly Analyzes Why Windows 7 Won’t Boot after Erasing an Old HD

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The Issue “Windows 7 Won’t Boot after Erasing an Old HD”

Have you ever encountered the problem that Windows 7 won’t boot after erasing an old HD? We believe that most computer users have encountered this issue. Users may want to replace an old HD with a new one or they want to achieve dual boot by using two hard disks. However, users will find that Windows 7 won’t start by using the new disk. Why does such a problem appear? Here in this article, we would like to answer this intense question for users.

Windows 7 won’t start because the old HD in it is set as primary hard drive including boot files. When we start Windows 7, these boot files will be read. If the old HD is erased, the programs can’t read boot files in it. Therefore, the computer can’t start without the old HD. When we plan to replace an old disk, we had better make sure whether our operation will cause computer boot failure. Then, users may ask how to solve this boot failure. The following content will show users solution to the problem “Windows 7 won’t boot after erasing an old HD”.

To solve this boot failure, users can rebuild MBR after they install Win 7 system by using the new hard disk. Users can use MiniToo Partition Wizard Bootable CD to realize rebuilding MBR with ease.

How to Rebuild MBR in Win 7 with Partition Magic.

1. After users get MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD, they should burn it to USB flash disk (CD/DVD). Then, they should insert the USB flash disk into computer (if users choose to use CD/DVD, they can put the bootable disk into CD/DVD driver). Users can start computer after modifying startup settings.


CouponRani Review: Shop More Online At Unbeatable Discounts

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CouponRani as we all know is one of the leading coupon sites in India. They help all those online shopaholics by providing them with the latest coupons, discount vouchers, promo codes etc to make their shopping the most cost effective one. With a neat layout and easy navigation, CouponRani serves all its users with the sole purpose of making every online purchase at the most affordable rates.

The site has listed more than 1900 stores and updates all the latest and the best coupons, deals and offers from all the stores ensemble on the site. All you need to do is to visit CouponRani and look for the specific coupons on the products you are planning to buy and use them while making your payment. You will be amazed to see how much money you have ultimately saved on your purchase. Likewise, you can save money on your food, on your personal care including beauty, travel etc by booking them online.

Like, if you want to buy a new mobile, check out eBay for exclusive launches of mobiles. The store currently has now exclusively launched Zen Sonic 1 at the most affordable rate of just Rs. 5999. Look for eBay Deals to get all your needed products from the store at the cheapest rates. Apart from mobiles, you can get all the latest fashion, home decor etc and also daily deals starting from just Rs. 99 at this store.

Are you tensed about your over-weight? Then it is high time you visit HealthKart, an online store which has a solution to all your health related needs. You can gain or lose weight and height with a lot of products listed at this store - all related to your health needs. Use HealthKart Coupons to get the products at the cheapest rates. Buy Incredio Shake-A-Meal, a solution to lose weight in a healthy way at the lowest price. Check out CouponRani for the related coupons.

Now book your tickets for all your travel needs online. Book your flight tickets; get your weekend or holiday packages at the cheapest possible rates on MakeMyTrip, a one stop solution to all your travel needs. Use MakeMyTrip Flight Coupons to make your flight tickets at cheaper rates. Also check out for the holiday packages both domestic as well as International packages at cheapest rates. Book your accommodation at best hotels for reasonable rates through MakeMyTrip.

Check out CouponRani for all the latest coupons for all your needs, to make your every single online purchase the most cost-effective one. Happy Online Shopping!