Happy Diwali Everyone. Enjoy This Festival.

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When is Diwali 2015.

Diwali is coming keep enjoy this festival. It would be an awesome festival. Enjoy this festival and enjoy this festival, Keep on party and do enjoy this festival If you do not know when is Diwali 2015 then enjoy this festival. It is an awesome festival. Enjoy it.


Hope You liked this article. Enjoy this festival . enjoy it.


Review: Slots4Play Casino App

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The New Slots4Play Casino App

Slots4Play Casino integrates a number of software providers to offer around 2000 slots games that can be played either for free or for real cash. The casino comes in a bright and gentle design and it appeals to a wide range of slots fans. Whether you are a classic gamer or the modern day gambler, you will find lots of your favorite slots at online casino.

Free Play Slots

Slots4Play makes it easy for free-play players to enjoy a number of slots from the casino. There are literally hundreds of slots you can play for free either in the online casino or through the mobile versions. All you have to do is to create a free account and you will be good to go.

Slots4Play Mobile Casino

To give you the flexibility you need to enjoy your favorite slots from any location, Slots4Play has a mobile version of the online casino which you can download into your mobile devices and have access to it from any place and at any time. The mobile apps are available to both android and iOS users. There are also apps for Windows and Mac which can be downloaded from Windows and Apple Stores respectively.

Rich Variety in slots

One of the unique features of Slots4Play Online Casino is the uniqueness in the variety of slots it has to offer. This is to ensure that the interest of every kind of player is taken care of. For instance, if you love fruit machines, then you will be literally spoilt for choices. But there are also other themed slots for you to choose from. They include Marvel Slots, Football Slots, Ancient Slots, Cinematic Slots, Christmas and Holiday Slots, Egyptian slots and many more.

Join Slots4Play today and start enjoying quality slots from renowned world game developers.

SEO tips from the social media expert Cyril Peretti

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Cyril Peretti, social media marketing expert and president of Likesocialbiz, spends every day helping major brands put social media marketing to work to accomplish their marketing objectives. Because he’s a practitioner rather than a pontificator, Cyril talks are filled with practical advice that can engage and excite audiences regardless of their technical savvy. He has developed social media marketing strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands and celebrities including Playboy, Ed Hardy, Mr Brainwash, Christian Audigier ... He has also worked with smaller businesses ranging from tech start-ups to locals businesses around the world.

According to US digital marketing, an estimated 73 per cent of searchers never venture beyond the first page of results. Studies vary, but it seems likely that organic search results – those thrown up naturally by Google’s ever-evolving algorithms (the computer formulae that drive the search engine) – glean about 90 per cent of clicks, compared to 10 per cent for paid-for results, despite the latter being more prominently placed.
Complicating matters, in April, Google enforced a game-changer: in response to the rising use of mobile devices for accessing the internet, it began to consign websites that are not optimised for smartphones or tablets to lower page rankings for any searches made using these handheld devices.
In short, more than at any other time, any company that hasn’t already got SEO on its radar needs to sit up and take notice, or miss out on swathes of invaluable web traffic. Here are some things  business leaders need to know, according to the experts to the owner of the international company Likesocialbiz owned by Cyril Peretti and his vice president, Alain Alava.

Open Source DigitalNote XDN Cryptocurrency

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DigitalNote is an open cryptocurrency

Decentralized and private blockchain saving money. Secure verification of-work, genuinely mysterious advanced installment framework with crypto messages, multi-marks and bank alike stores.
In light of CryptoNote. In front of Bitcoin.

DigitalNote XDN is a cryptocurrency, a sort of decentralized advanced cash, as Bitcoin. It depends on CryptoNote unknown innovation and overhauled with exceptional untraceable encoded informing framework and blockchain based stores. No one claims or controls DigitalNote, it uses distributed innovation and reasonable ASIC-safe PoW mining procedure to work with no focal power.

DigitalNote gives moment overall security ensured exchanges and untraceable scrambled informing exchanges with very nearly zero handling charges in decentralized shared clients system. Arithmetic secures the XDN system and engages people to control their own accounts and data. Your private key is your financial balance, with no control and reconnaissance. Flexibility exist.

The Best Application for Cross-Border Chatting

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Although there are so many instant messaging applications available in the market and used by various mobile phone users across the globe, like the Line (which was developed in Japan and used by more than 350 million people across the globe) and Kakao Talk ( which is South Korean based application and has more than 135 million active users) and then there is WeChat (based in China and has more than 280 million users), but none comes close to Whatsapp (developed by two former Yahoo employees and has more than 700 million users as per the statistics of 2015. One of the reasons behind the great popularity of Whatsapp is the option to use WhatsApp status feature. The value and popularity of Whatsapp can be judged by the fact that Facebook – the number one social media giant purchased it for $ 19 Billion price tag.

The secret behind the worldwide fame and popularity of Whatsapp application is the fact that the company keeps on bringing changes and keeps on adding great features that make it user-friendly and more enjoyable. This app is very popular in India so many people often search for whatsapp status in hindi as it’s their national language. By using this feature, it became easy for the users of this app to express their feelings and emotions in the shortest way possible. By writing a simple word or posting a simple icon like “Sad” the users were able to generate the response from their friends and family members.

Some other features that make this instant messenger a great hit are outlined as under:

•Customized Chat Wallpapers – now you do not to stare at the same chatting screen and get bored. Whatsapp now offers you this great opportunity to change the appearance of the Chat screen the way you want. There are hundreds of pre-designed chat screens available that you can download for free and use them whenever you want.
•Save your Whatsapp conversations – if you think that your WhatsApp conversations are important, you can always create a backup for them to be read them later on.
•Whatsapp status – another great and handy feature that most of the users like is the ability to change their WhatsApp status at their will.
•Share your life – now you can use WhatsApp to send and receive pictures, images, contacts, your location, voice messages and videos besides sharing text messages.