7-Eleven Provides More Fuel Choices with One-of-a-Kind App

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Australia’s 7-Eleven launched a world first app on March 3rd. The Fuel App allows motorists to lock in the cheapest petrol price at 434 of its stores, regardless of where users are located.

The app is the first of its kind globally and shows drivers the 5 nearest 7-Eleven service stations and the real-time fuel price data so drivers can choose the lowest fuel price. Once customers find a fuel price they want, they can lock it in for up to seven days, allowing them to redeem fuel for that amount within that timeframe.

7-Eleven’s app offers exclusive fuel discounts not provided by their competitors Coles and Woolworths. Paul Wallace, 7-Eleven’s Digital Marketing Manager, pointed out during a media release on the app’s launch date that “Unlike fuel discounts schemes, the Fuel App doesn’t require customers to spend money in-store to redeem fuel savings.”

This is a first globally for fuel discount programs – a move that will hopefully keep 7-Eleven the number one choice for fuel seeking motorists. During the media release, Paul Wallace also stated, “The launch of this App is about providing customers with digital products that are easy to use and allow them greater choice when purchasing fuel.”

To provide the nearest and best fuel prices, the app was designed with a unique algorithm and uses the device’s location services to provide real-time petrol costs for the nearest 7-Eleven stores.

Once drivers settle on a fuel price, they have 15 minutes to lock in the price or else prices may change. Using the app’s digital wallet, customers can choose the fuel type and amount they’d like to redeem a voucher for.

From there, users can opt to redeem the voucher within 7 days, or choose not to. There is no penalty for not redeeming the voucher because drivers do not pay until they fuel up. The transaction is only complete when users scan the app’s barcode at the service station.

If current fuel prices are lower than the voucher amount, drivers will receive the lowest fuel price, as opposed to the voucher amount.

7-Eleven’s Fuel App has been in development for over 18 months before its launch. It underwent an extensive 5-month training program at 628 stores in Australia, which allowed beta users to test the app and provide helpful feedback.

Australian drivers can download the app for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play

Best Practices to Rally SuiteCRM Training

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SuiteCRM Training is a powerful Customer Relationship Management package. Our trainers explain the value of CRM. They help teams articulate their CRM goals and identify key milestones in the management process. We deliver both on-site and online CRM training as per your convenience. CRM training is a perennial challenge with CRM software deployments. Low-level training will damage your business even worse in a present situation. CRM Implementation, CRM Deployment being the important elements in choosing a CRM, CRM training also a key component in selecting the right CRM.

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Here are the 6 Best Practices for SuiteCRM Training

•    Begin with strategy: This helps in visualizing a clear picture that acts as a roadmap and creates a building block for your company success. Using a SMART strategy – Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic and Timely; having this strategy is one of the best practice while opting for a best CRM training because it certainly helps in getting the training from your niche segment and applying timeliness in your training duration and learnings.
•    Leveraging a solid plan: Once have this strategy ready, focus on a solid plan so that the execution should not have any barriers to implementing the plan.
•    Arrange the right team: Assembling the right team of your organization is very important since they would be the solely responsible people in assisting the company as well the employees. So choosing wisely the right team is one of the important criteria.
•    Types of training: Research what type of training you need. Whether you need end-user training, development training, Admin training etc. All training are equally important in CRM training adoption to continuously improve and sustain in the market. SuiteCRM Tutorial is available for FREE on SuiteCRM Developer Training, SuiteCRM Admin Training, and SuiteCRM End-user Training.
•    Consider change management: Change is the only thing that is constant in every business. So considering a CRM Training which is dynamic and continuously trains on latest upgrades and advancements is also a best practice to nail in SuiteCRM Tutorial.
•    Disciplined project management: Once fully trained a disciplined project management is what required in order to have a neat documentation and successful implementation based on your needs.

One of the challenging factors in choosing a CRM which provides CRM training is very crucial. Get Best SuiteCRM training here for FREE to learn more about the different types of training as well as the features and functionalities of CRM software. SuiteCRM is an OpenSource Free CRM which is very cost-effective and user-friendly.


SuiteCRM - Ultimate tool for e-learning organizations

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Gone are the days where e-learning organizations, colleges, institutions used to maintain all their data in book records. Also, maintaining in any of these will fetch you for a no deal in admitting students for the program or participating in any certification courses. Because in today’s cut-throat competition, follow-up is an important element in converting a lead into a prospect and with book records it is very difficult to follow-up as the educational institutions get so many queries and most importantly following up at the right time is very crucial and in book records we tend to forget and remember after a long time.

There comes a CRM for educational institutions, e-learning organizations that solve this problem. Now, your mind would be popping up why CRM for educational institutions or maybe which CRM should I invest in? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you.
So the universities, different educational institutions found that CRM is very much needed for their business and maintaining student relationships more effectively. Also, nowadays institutions are looking for a CRM as a niche for their needs. So generic CRM will not help to a greater extent. The solution is simple! SuiteCRM Education CRM which is specifically designed for their vertical is what required by the e-learning firms, universities and so on.

Significance of using SuiteCRM Education CRM

ü  Will help you in student enrollments for different programs or courses
ü  Help you to follow-up with leads in a timely manner
ü  Enriching the student life cycle by strengthening relationships with candidates, students, and alumni.
ü  Gives secure access of essential information by student, faculty or alumni which empowers them to manage and control their information.

Some of the benefits of SuiteCRM Education CRM

·         Free and Open-source – SuiteCRM Education CRM is available for FREE. Just sign up a basic form and get a SuiteCRM Demo now.
·         Contact management – Student contact management is another important aspect which can help colleges, universities to quickly communicate and send targeted communications to the students regularly on time.
·         Easy integration with other software’s – SuiteCRM Free Education is a Robust, secure, stable and scalable system that will meet business competency at a strategic level. Its seamless integration will help you integrate with other software’s easily.
·         Data Migration – Free Data Migration of unstructured data if you are migrating to SuiteCRM Education CRM without pain of data-lose.
·         Task automation – Automate your tasks for repetitious day-to-day activities by addressing your people, process and technology needs.

Boost your sales and maximize your profits by using Education CRM. SuiteCRM Education CRM is a Free and open-source tool to strengthen and maintain fruitful relationships with students, faculty and alumni.

SuiteCRM - Case study on Major European Energy Group

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About Client – European Energy Group
It is one of Europe’s largest energy companies. It produces, manages & services the gas and electricity needs of over 20 million customers. It has a global presence with more than 40 operating companies in 22 territories across the globe.
European Energy Group maintains a diversified IT platform for managing the complex tasks of billing and client management across its 20+ European operating companies. Also, growth is at a tremendous pace with a result of acquisition which is maintained by each operating company in technology used, age and quality.

·         On 15th July 2015, the European commission adopted the communication on delivering a New Deal for energy consumers and it is called (‘New Deal’).
Under ‘New Deal’ it is said by 2020 the competitive landscape for existing energy suppliers in Europe will change drastically. The changes are as follows:
·         Barriers to entry for new suppliers will be lowered
·         Switching between suppliers will be made easier
·         Transparency on tariffs will be mandated
·         Profit margins are expected to come under pressure and
·         Competition is expected to increase substantially

Approach to the Problem:
The new competitive landscape that will emerge in 2020 requires all the operating companies to be more agile, more innovative and to react faster to the new consumer and market demands. New products and services will need to be designed to broaden the engagement surface for consumers and increase the potential revenue streams for the group.

Strategic Options:
In order to meet the demands to increase agility, lower costs and deliver new products and services, a considerable program of investment in the IT estate was required. There were two strategic options:
·         To invest in each individual operating company platform and make the necessary local changes to ensure the platform and supporting applications were sufficiently performing to embrace new market conditions.
·         To develop, from scratch, a common operating platform across all European operations.
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Decision Time
In August 2015 it was decision time. A board of ten senior executives was convened to decide which option to pursue:
·         Accenture and Salesforce whose teams had originally been tasked with producing the new operating platform. They had been working on a solution since 2013.
·         The Open Source Operating Platform – the result of a little over sixteen weeks of work involving around six people from four open source companies.
The Decision
It wasn't even close. The board split 8-2 to award the program of works to the Open Source Operating platform.
The board were impressed by the speed of innovation demonstrated by the open source solution providers, the interoperability between the applications and the richness of functionality of the open source applications. The project cost profile, the total cost of ownership profile and the ongoing freedom to innovate on the platform were also major considerations.
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Key Considerations for choosing the best eCommerce CRM.

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CRM in any business has become a significantly important component to be successful. Why not, CRM has so many features and benefits that develop business and increases profits. CRM is all about customer’s right! So any data of your customer will help you in some or the other element to do business. In a nutshell, CRM includes modules like Sales automation, Marketing automation, Contacts management, Leads management and so on… So this is about a generic CRM, what about 

Ecommerce CRM?

In today’s world choosing a general CRM is a very difficult job because just for a reason, there are already so many CRM systems available in the market. Now when it comes to choosing Ecommerce CRM which is your niche selection in buying a CRM, It is even more difficult but do not worry, because here we are listing down the key considerations you have to keep in mind when choosing the best CRM for your e-commerce business.

The Top 7 Reasons you have to keep in mind in choosing the right eCommerce CRM

•    On-premise CRM or Cloud-based CRM: With any CRM software, you will have two options. One is On-premise and the other is Cloud-based CRM. On-premise is generally purchased and installed on your own servers at your business offices. With that, there are some cons as well like you be responsible for maintenance, security, upgrades etc. very difficult sometimes to scale and upgrade. On the other hand, you have Cloud-based CRM which can be stored on remote servers and delivered via the internet. You can access anytime, anywhere with just a decent internet connection. Also, less expensive to implement and flexible and scalable for upgrades. So it is very important to keep in consideration that Cloud-based CRM is what you need for your Ecommerce business. Try and explore the features of SuiteCRM software which have both the options.
•    Identify and understand the functionalities your business requires: Well, it all depends on your type of e-business. For ex: if you need Ecommerce primarily for managing marketing campaigns, forecasting, Customer support, Reporting etc. Make sure you identify first and then understand its functionality that can have an impact on your business.
•    Tailor-made customization: Now this is what you have to keep important step in choosing the right CRM for your online business. Customized CRM not only helps you in driving more sales but also ease your work. Get a Hassle-Free Ecommerce CRM for FREE.
•    Add-ons or Integrations with other software’s: Every business has to do shipping once the order is placed by a customer, make payments, Chat option to interact lively, Phone call add-on to speak with clients, employees and other staff and so on. One of the key consideration is to keep in mind what integration you need with other software’s and choose accordingly. Have a look at the different SuiteCRM ecommerce Integrations with other software’s that can help your business.
•    Right Implementation Partner: Easy! Once you have made a selection in choosing CRM then you have to identify in choosing the right implementation partner who can deliver with 100% quality and cost-effectiveness.
•    Does your workforce need mobile access? Oh yes! For every e-commerce business, this is one crucial element in a CRM. Since business is online, statistics is that 75% of revenue generates comes from mobile traffic.
•    Training deliverables: Last but not the least, training is again important point to be considered in choosing the right eCommerce CRM for training clients, internal employees etc.
CRM primary focus always remains on the customer relationship with the company. Since you are looking a CRM software for e-commerce business. Choosing the right CRM is not costly or complex. Here is a Free and OpenSource SuiteCRM Ecommerce CRM which is specifically designed for online businesses with mandatory integrations associated with e-commerce companies.